Safety First.

We are so happy you’ve decided to get serious about feeling better, you should be proud of yourself for even coming this far. 

But before you can continue to the tool itself, we want to help make sure it is safe for you. Our program is designed to treat the vast majority of back pain. However, there are some back pain-causing medical conditions that require direct medical intervention. 

If you have recently been screened by a licensed medical professional and were cleared to begin an exercise program for your back pain, you may skip this part by clicking here or by clicking the “I am Safe to Begin” button below.

If you have not been cleared by a licensed medical professional, don’t worry. You can click here or on the “Begin Safety Screen” button below. This will take you through our 2-minute safety quiz. 

Please be aware that this quiz is purely informative and is NOT designed to replace the assessment of medical professionals. If you have ANY doubt about your safety go see a medical professional. 

For more information read our Medical Disclaimer.

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