Looks like you’re ready to defeat your back pain once and for all.

By clicking the “Continue” button below you will initiate the program-building process guided by our intelligent decision-making framework.

In order to recieve your custom back pain program, you will need to answer several simple “Yes or No” questions about your back pain. You may be asked to perform some simple motions before answering a question to help us better understand your pain. Perform the motions to the best of your ability before answering the associated question. 

The quiz should take about 5-minutes to complete. Depending on your back pain, the exact number of questions you need to answer for our system to provide you with the best program may vary. 

Many of the questions are formatted to ask you if a certain activity or position makes your back pain feel better. If the activity or position does not change your back pain, OR makes it worse, answer “No” to these questions. 

Please answer all the questions openly and honestly for the best results.

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