Freqeuntly Asked Questions

Our website is for people 18 years of age and older and suffering from mechanical low back pain. Mechanical back pain is pain that arises from the structures of the spine and is associated with movement. This type of back pain encompasses 97% of all back pain disorders. However, in rare cases, back pain is not caused by structures of the spine itself and may require specialized medical intervention. We always recommend consulting with your doctor or other qualified medical professional about source of your back pain before taking any action yourself. Our system is NOT a replacement for an assessment provided by a qualified medical practitioner. Please read our medical disclaimer for more.

While there is nothing stopping you from sharing this information with a friend or family member, your back pain program was designed for you, and although it may seem as though their back pain is the same, with the wrong advice you may end up hurting someone you care about. If you want to share your program to show the awesome tool you’ve received, go ahead! We appreciate the support, but we’d highly recommend you also share our link so the ones you care about can get the top-notch care their backs also deserve.

No, hands-on therapies such as mobilization, adjustment, and massage are not necessary to get rid of back pain. Research shows that exercise, education, and behavioral therapies, such as those provided in our programs, can be just as effective as hands-on therapies. This being said, hands-on therapies provided by medical professionals are also a good treatment option and may be something you want to investigate further if you have the time and money to do so.

But be cautious, no one can cure your back pain for you. All good back pain treatments will require some effort on your part. While a relaxing massage may feel nice and can be beneficial, this is only temporary relief. If you want to treat your back pain at the source, it’s going to take some effort on your part.

While many “5-minute cures” can be found online, none have ever shown any reliable or reproducible results. Many of the strategies included in our program do have the potential to instantly reduce pain, however, in order to fully resolve back pain typically takes about 6 weeks. So while we wish we could promise your pain would go away overnight, this is likely not the case.

 However, we do truly believe that our programs can help you get rid of your back pain as quickly as possible. So if you’re ready to commit to getting better, we are confident in your ability to get there.

To achieve the results you want our programs will require only about 10-15 minutes of your attention each day. If you think about all the time you’ve already spent in pain or consider the time you stand to lose in the future, these 10-15 minutes will feel like nothing.

Our programs do not rely on any expensive gadgets or gimmicks. While our focus is on the long term, temporary pain relief can be helpful in your day-to-day management. Accordingly, we may recommend some tools and strategies that have been shown to provide temporary pain relief. This being said none of our programs require any equipment you can’t likely find in your house already.

Exercise can often be provocative for people suffering from back pain, but it also stands to provide huge improvements. This is where identifying the source of your pain and adjusting the parameters of your exercise accordingly becomes so critical. If you do the right exercises at the right intensity they will not aggravate your back. Our system takes out the guesswork and provides you with strategies and exercises that won’t leave you feeling worse. This is something you won’t get from a generic “Top 5 Exercises for Back Pain” YouTube video or blog post. 

Back pain is a complex condition with many social and physical contributing factors. So the short answer is no, we cannot guarantee that your back pain goes away completely with just our program and you may need additional help. However, in the vast majority of cases, our programs should be all you need to get rid of pain and increase function.